The Myth Factory: Myth 2 – Fights In The Studio

myth 2

Welcome back to The Myth Factory! Today’s myth is…’Fights in the studio almost erupted during the recording of SAW’s first UK No. 1 hit’


It’s a tale that has been trotted out many times over the years, and the image of the late Pete Burns almost coming to blows with Mike and Matt is a delicious one. Sadly, the story that sessions for Dead Or Alive’s You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) turned heated and almost resulted in violence was likely something cooked up as a clever marketing hook during promotion for the track’s torturously slow trek to the top of the charts.

True, tensions did develop between the band and the more experienced hit-makers, but Mike today dismisses the idea that everyone had to be sent home in order to cool their heads. “We always left the studio at 10 o’clock to go down the pub, and on that final day Matt and I had been working on the track, preparing it for the mix,” he remembers, quashing Pete Waterman’s dramatic concoction. “The engineer was due in to do that overnight, so nothing unusual happened.”

Pete Waterman, working on the song with Phil Harding, did battle through some technical problems – a common occurrence at the studio by this time – during that night, but the mix was finally completed ready for Mike and Matt to agree it as normal the following morning.

The story that an unwanted effect had been left on the final mix is yet another fanciful bubble Mike is keen to burst. “There are all these stories that there was an unplanned echo on it, which is just rubbish,” he confirms. “Our plan for that song was to have it spinning around like a record. That was the whole point of it!”

What certainly is true, however, is that later sessions for Dead Or Alive’s subsequent third album, Mad, Bad, And Dangerous To Know, did become more difficult as time went on, leading to the termination of the working relationship between the band and the team that took them to the top of the charts.

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