The Myth Factory: Myth 4 – A SAW credit or a sore point?

SAW credit

Today’s addition of The Myth Factory looks at the adage that artists were always keen to get a SAW credit, not so…

Some acts were actually rather coy about the involvement of Mike and Matt on their hits, sometimes leaving the SAW name off the credits. Most significant of these was the debut single from Pepsi & Shirlie, the duo who had supported Wham! on their staggering success during the mid-80s.

Mike helped out on Heartache – a single that would have topped the charts if the vocalists’ former boss hadn’t released his own duet with Aretha Franklin at the same time. “I played and programmed the bass on that single,” recalls Mike. “Pete Hammond was taking control of the mix and he wasn’t happy with it, so I got involved one evening and I did also go through the vocals with Pepsi & Shirlie.”

Mike had performed similar duties on Phil Fearon’s 1986 Top 10 hit I Can Prove It and would later fix the bass on Sinitta’s Love On A Mountain Top, which was a hit for her in 1989.

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