The Myth Factory: Myth 6 – Kylie Minogue’s debut was a sure-fire smash

Though confidence behind Kylie Minogue’s debut was overflowing, cash was not…

In the end, 1988’s Kylie album would sell more than five million copies – but cash flow was a serious problem. Naturally, the LP had to be pressed before a single copy could be sold, and the sheer numbers involved gave Pete Waterman some sleepless nights.

“My bottle went completely and I was convinced I was out of business,” he says. “I’d spent all the money on TV advertising, and now here was a small country’s worth of records just lying around.” The album’s sales exploded as the year progressed, especially in the run-up to Christmas, and its eventual success redefined the definition of an independent release.

The next year, Ten Good Reasons by Kylie’s Neighbours cast-mate and then-boyfriend Jason Donovan would sell nearly two million, but finances were still often tight at PWL, with money pressures eventually forcing Pete to enter into a partnership with a major label.

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