The Myth Factory: Myth 9 – Pete Wrote A Lot Of The Songs


In the final instalment of The Myth Factory we cast our eye upon a topic that’s still a bone of contention, namely, Pete Waterman’s input to SAW…


The working partnership between Mike, Matt and Pete was a fateful combination, with each bringing a particular skillset to the mix.

Mike and Matt were the songwriters and, while Pete certainly steered some of the musical direction, his role was business-facing, promoting the SAW brand and bringing new projects to The Vineyard.

His position as principal spokesman has led many to assume his involvement in the creation of those hit songs was bigger than it was.

This misconception remains a source of tension to this day, and Mike says Pete’s engagement with their work was actually diluted over time with commitments like The Hitman & Her TV show dragging him elsewhere.

Later interviews and Pete’s 2000 autobiography I Wish I Was Me exacerbated the issue, but relations have since thawed between the three men.

In 2015, they worked together again in the studio for a remix of Kylie’s festive single Every Day’s Like Christmas and with the long-overdue critical re-evaluation of the SAW back catalogue underway, it may be that a better understanding of the magic formula that created the soundtrack for a pop generation is finally – and deservedly – developing.

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