New Order’s frontman Bernard Sumner has hinted that the band plan to work on new material as early as January next year.

The band have had a very busy summer touring Europe, they headlined Bestival and of course performed at The Olympics Closing Ceremony gig in Hyde Park.

Speaking to BBC 6Music, when asked about New Order’s future plans, sumner said: “We finish touring at the end of October and then we’ve got November off. After Christmas, we’re going to have a meeting about writing some new stuff.”

Sumner went on to say: ” We’ve not decided yet, but from what we’ve seen from traveling around the world is that people want to hear some new stuff. Speaking to journalists and speaking to fans, they seem to really want to hear some new stuff. We won’t play live as much as next year, maybe half the amount we’ve done this year, and we’ll write some new stuff.”