Pet Shop Boys will be releasing “Memory Of The Future”, the third single from the album Elysium, on 31st December.

The single will be available on two CDs and two digital bundles, will include a new seven-inch mix of ‘Memory Of The Future’ by Stuart Price, as well as three more bonus tracks which are yet to be announced.

Pet Shop Boys have only one UK live date set for this year – special one-off concert with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, which will broadcast on 6th December. The performance is part of is part of the Radio 2 ‘In Concert Live’ series, and is set to be recorded in the BBC’s Salford studios. The show will feature old and new tracks, and Pet Shop Boys will also premiere part of a piece Tennant and Lowe have been writing inspired by the British scientist, mathematician and code-breaker, Alan Turin

Tickets will be available via the BBC Radio 2 website.