Classic Pop are no strangers to this young British band who have grown with tidal wave success. Back in March we flashed forward in our ‘Shock of the New’ feature to the release of their then debut album, Bad Blood. Now, six months later, Britain’s biggest new band look set to break America. It’s a moment many UK acts have hoped to achieve, and certainly looks possible for Bastille. Their debut album was recently released in the US and stormed its way to number two on the digital sales chart.

Their album has had huge success across the world as well, charting in the iTunes top 10 in over 27 countries. One such single is ‘Pompeii’, which has sold over 1.2 million units and charted in the top 10 iTunes singles chart in over 40 different countries.

Bad Blood continues its reign in the UK, still holding its place in the top 10 despite being released six months ago. The iTunes festival is in full swing and Bastille will headline this Sunday, 8th September, at London’s Roundhouse. If you’re not there then don’t worry because it’s also being streamed online worldwide.