Multi-talented rock ‘n’ roller Dave Stewart returns on October 7th with his solo album Lucky Numbers, via Kobalt Label Services. The album hosts guest stars including Karen Elson, Vanessa Amorosi, Laura Michelle Kelly and Ann Marie Calhoun. The album’s first single, ‘Every Single Night’ features American Music Award winner Martina McBride.

Unlike his previous albums, Stewart shifted Nashville’s finest to a boat in the South Pacific to record the album, opposed to the more conventional Nashville studio of co-producer/engineer, John McBride.

“I wanted to do something a little different this time, so I invited the band to join me on an adventure to the South Pacific,” says Stewart, who also co-produced the album. “Where we could record with nobody else around, floating around on the sea. It was like parachuting into Oz. We were fish out of water. We were out twelve days, but we were actually only sober enough to record for three to four.”

Like his previous two albums, Lucky Numbers marries Stewart’s 60s British rock influences with Nashville’s southern blues. “The two world’s collide in the most beautiful way,” says Stewart. “I’m singing one thing in my mind, and they’re playing something completely different, but it works.”


Lucky Numbers is available from October 7th. Track listing:

Every Single Night

Drugs Taught Me A Lesson

How To Ruin A Romance

What’s Wrong With Me



Why Can’t We Be Friends

You And I

Nashville Snow


Never Met A Woman Like You

One Step Too Far

Lucky Numbers

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