John Foxx, founder member of Ultravox, has joined Jim Jupp of Belbury Poly and Jon Brooks of The Advisory Circle for a debut collaborative effort in the form of EP, Empty Avenues.

The music of The Belbury Circle infuses the territories of both Belbury Poly and The Advisory Circle. Foxx’s songs are perfectly framed by haunting pastoral electronics, with perhaps a stronger pop sensibility than previous Ghost Box releases. Brooks and Jupp readily site Foxx as a key influence on their work. As a result, his distinctive voice occupies their soundworld effortlessly.

The EP was released on 6th September on Ghost Box Records. It can be found on 10” vinyl, CD and download and features four songs, an instrumental and a remix of the title track ‘Empty Avenues’ by Pye Corner Audio. Like all Ghost Box records, it comes in Julian House’s elegant and luxurious packaging, with variant covers for the CD and 10” vinyl versions. The 10” also comes with free download codes.