In Praise of... The Nits

They’ve never had a hit single in the UK (or the US, for that matter), and this weekend sees their first London gig at a major venue (and just their third UK gig ever). But none of that really matters because pop doesn’t get more curiously classic than the Netherlands’ The Nits.

The sound of the Nits is – who can we put this? – Nordic Noir meets Scandinavian sophistipop (and often cited by Classic Pop editor Ian Peel as his “all-time favourite group”).

Currently celebrating their 40th anniversary, they’re in the midst of a tour that sees them delve into a rich, 25 album-strong back catalogue. And so, as a warm up to this weekend’s concert – at the Jazz Cafe, London this Sunday 06 April – here’s our Nits top ten…

1. Cars & Cars (1992)

2. Two Skaters (1988)

3. Radio Shoes (1991)

4. Fire in My Head (1992)

5. 26A (Clouds in the Sky) (2000)

6. The Train (1988)

7. Cabins (1986)

8. Adieu, Sweet Bahnhof (1989)

9. In The Dutch Mountains (1987)

10. Sketches of Spain (1983)