Running Up That Hill

There could be no more exciting prospect – or bigger surprise – in the world of classic pop that Kate Bush‘s forthcoming run of live shows.  It got us thinking about the last time Kate played live, back in 1979.  Where are her collaborators now?  And how was she to work with back at the time of The Man With The Child in His Eyes, The Kick Inside and Never Forever?

We’ve interviewed the producers and musicians that made those records great and come up with a mammoth, 10-page feature for Issue 11 of Classic Pop.  We’ve also compiled the definitive playlist of Kate Bush classics (which is already causing heated debate on Twitter!) and we count down the top five craziest rumours (disproving some, proving others) to have appeared about this enigmatic artist over the past thirty years.

Which do you think are true?  Check the list here, decide for yourself and read more and in Classic Pop issue 11…


1. Bush wrote two Eighties Dr Who stories

2. Bush nearly produced Erasure

3. Kate served home-made cakes for EMI execs checking on her “works in progress”

4. John Lydon wrote a song for Kate Bush


5. Kate’s success is because of her occult powers…