Distilling everything that was so perfectly crazy about Sigue Sigue Sputnik, this seven-minute remix blended psychobilly guitars with movie samples and for years was only available on a mythical Brazilian 12”.


Says the band’s founder Tony James, “With Love Missile F1-11, Giorgio Moroder created several amazing remixes, taking the track to whole new levels. We were also massive fans of Trevor Horn’s ground-breaking mixes of [Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s] Relax. We’d become friends with [Art Of Noise’s] Gary Langan and invited him to our studio in Maida Vale to help us set up a mix for the song Dancerama, and inevitably much revelry ensued. When Gary finally staggered home, Neal X and I stayed on and used the set-up to mix this 12”, playing all the samples in live.

“Even though we’d been busted for uncleared movie samples on the original Love Missile, we threw caution to the wind and used any voices that we’d sampled – Jayne Mansfield herself from the movie The Girl Can’t Help It, sections from a documentary about her supposed involvement with the occult, plus samples from RoboCop, Predator and The Running Man.” Ian Peel