Howard Jones is inviting fans to help fund his new album – by selling off one of his keyboards.

Jones is releasing Engage in February, based on his interactive tour of the same name. As well as a standard CD/DVD set, and a version that’s an interactive book. Jones said: “I imagined how exciting how it would be if you could make the music and visuals at a concert a fully immersive experience. I didn’t want it to be just another studio album or concert DVD. I wanted to liberate myself from conventional song structures, with cinematic sub-textures, big sub-bass moments and dramatic coordinated visuals.”

Fans can contribute to the project via Pledge Music, with offers including handwritten lyrics for £80, an executive producer credit for £10,000 and a unique piano solo Jones will compose for you during an hour-long Skype conversation with the singer, for £1,500. At £5,500, Jones is selling his Roland G8 keyboard which contains the elements used to perform the Engage music. A free version of Jones’ hit The Human Touch is also available at the site.

To coincide with Engage’s release, Jones performs the concert at a one-off gig on February 20 at London O2 Indigo.