(photo: Johanna Saint Michales)

The The release new album Hyena on March 6, the soundtrack to writer-director Gerard Johnson’s new police drama starring Peter Ferdinando and Stephen Graham.
The 20-track album is the third to be released on The The mainman Matt Johnson’s film soundtrack label Cineola, following Tony in 2010 and 2012’s Moonbug. Tony was also directed by Gerard Johnson, Matt’s younger brother.
Hyena stars Ferdinando as Michael Logan, a drug-addicted police officer on the trail of Albanian gangsters, with Graham as David Knight, a corrupt officer who fell out with Logan after he grassed Knight to their bosses for sleeping with an underage witness.
The The’s last non-soundtrack album was 2000’s Naked Self and they last played live in 2002. Since then, as well as launching Cineola, Johnson has founded publishing firm Fifty First State Press and has authorised a forthcoming biography of the band by writer Neil Fraser, to be published by Harper Collins.