Kevin Rowland has begun writing new Dexys songs, Classic Pop can reveal. But Rowland warned that finishing an album may take some time.

Speaking to Classic Pop at last week’s NME Awards, Rowland said: “I’ve got signs for two or three new songs at the moment, and those signs are good. But signs are only signs: I need more than that before I’ll know how a whole album might sound. I’m not planning it out, I take it from day to day.”

Dexys released their last album One Day I’m Going To Soar in 2012, 27 years after their previous album Don’t Stand Me Down. Asked if fans would have to wait another 27 years for a new album, Rowland joked: “Not that long. It might be about 25 years, I reckon.”

Rowland revealed he hopes to do more shows before writing the new album, after the tour for One Day I’m Going To Soar received ecstatic reviews. But he said that the band’s ambitious theatrical production might lead to practical problems staging more concerts.


“I want to do more shows,” said Rowland. “But it’s a big production, and we have to get it rolling. I honestly don’t know if that could happen. But I never wished that I’d done an easier show to stage. This band is into doing good work, that’s how we get our kicks. We put our heart and soul into it, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. I don’t want to see a band where it’s just three guys standing there. The reaction to our tour was wonderful. Some days it felt amazing, it was a real rollercoaster.”

It’s rumoured that a reissue of 1985’s long-unavailable Don’t Stand Me Down is in the offing. Meanwhile, Dexys bassist Pete Williams releases his new solo album Roughnecks And Roustabouts on March 30.