Tracey Thorn has told Classic Pop that she may sing live in the future – but isn’t concerned if she doesn’t perform in concert again. Thorn suffers from stage fright and hasn’t played live since 2007. She revealed that the longer she doesn’t return to the stage, the greater the pressure would feel around any comeback concert.

The Everything But The Girl vocalist, who releases her memoir about singing, Naked At The Albert Hall, on April 30, said: “It’s definitely harder now to think about going back on stage. If I’d only stopped for a couple of years and then gone back to it, I’m sure it wouldn’t have been a big deal.”

Explaining her ambivalence towards playing live, Thorn said: “I don’t desperately want to perform live again. It’s not as if I’m longing to get back to it and am only prevented by my stage fright. It’s more that, because I have stage fright, I never massively enjoyed doing it. My memories are bound up in thinking ‘If I ever do get back, I’d have to take all that on board again.’ I’m actually at a happy stage of my life now, so do I want that?”

Thorn added that she feared any new concerts would be a letdown, saying: “I always worry I’d disappoint people, and what’s tricky is that I’ve got different people who would want to hear different periods from my career: those who have been there since the beginning, a newer group of Everything But The Girl fans who’d want the dance numbers and others who’ve bought my recent solo records. I’d have to do a bit of everything, really, or some part of the audience would be disappointed.”


Thorn releases a new EP on April 27, Tales From The Falling, comprising eight short songs which form the soundtrack to new film The Falling, a school-based drama starring Game Of Thrones’ Maisie Williams.

A full interview with Thorn will appear in the next issue of Classic Pop, on sale in May.