Peter Gabriel is reissuing his first four self-titled solo albums on vinyl, including the German language versions of his third and fourth records.

The albums, released between 1977-82, have been unavailable on vinyl since 2002. They will be pressed on heavyweight vinyl with download codes and are limited to 10,000 numbered copies worldwide, with the German editions limited to 3,000 copies. The gatefold sleeves recreate the original artwork. A statement said that all of Gabriel’s albums will eventually be reissued on vinyl.

Gabriel said: “I really wanted the first record to be different from what I’d done with Genesis, so we were trying to do things in different styles. A bit of barbershop, which Tony Levin helped with, there were more bluesy things, a variety of songs and arrangements that were consciously trying to provide something different than what I’d done before.”

Of the German-language editions, entitled Ein Deutsches Album and Deutsches Album for his albums released in 1980 and 1982 respectively, Gabriel commented: “I wrote to the French, Italian, German and Spanish labels, saying I wanted to experiment, creating a version of my album in another language. The only label to show any interest was the German, hence the choice.
It also gave me a chance to try new mixing and remixing approaches, with some new overdubs, and to take another look at the lyrics through the process of translation with Horst Konigstein, with whom I spent a long time going through layers of meaning in the new language. I also insisted on having the German lyrics independently translated back to English.” for more