Today Classic Pop has got the exclusive premiere of new track Confusion from former Human League and Rezillos man Jo Callis and his new band FingerHalo.

FingerHalo is a return to Jo’s roots, influenced by the pop icons of the ’60s and ’70s. So while there’s more guitar work than his ‘League material, and more groove than his Rezillos work, there’s still plenty of classic Callis to go round. Jo says: “I’m just a punk, and a two-bit one at that. My approach to almost everything is of the naive, self-taught DIY school.”

“You may experience a few Seconds of Culture Shock here and there, when first exposed to FingerHalo, although that momentary Confusion will soon pass. But if anyone says we’re punk-wave or new-romanticistic, I’m not getting back in the van. It’s all rock’n’roll, really. Lock’n’load.”



Confusion is on sale now via Bandcamp. Find out more at