Phil Collins is to reissue all eight of his solo albums, beginning with expanded versions of his debut solo album Face Value and his fifth release, 1993’s Both Sides.

Collins said that he wanted the reissue to series to show how his songs have evolved over time, with the bonus material on the albums focused around more recent live versions of the original songs. Out on November 10, the albums will be available on CD and vinyl, with box-set versions on both formats containing both albums plus space for the remaining six releases.

Face Value’s bonus disc features five demos and five live songs, while Both Sides adds two demos, four live songs and the B-sides Take Me With You, Both Sides Of The Story and I’ve Been Trying.

Collins said: “I’ve always been quite proud of my demos and have often made them available as B-sides, but with a few exceptions, I have avoided including those on these collections. Instead, I’ve focused on how nicely the songs developed when played on stage, rather than showing how they originated.”