Ah, the sound of youth. We’re not talking about The Go! Team themselves, of course. The project – essentially the brainchild of Brighton’s Ian Parton – has been around a while, so they’re hardly new kids on the block. No, we’re being literal. We’re talking youth choirs.

Parton roped in Detroit Youth Choir for further charm and authenticity after having the unlikely idea of making the hullabaloo of marching bands central to a number of songs here.

This fifth album consequently sounds like playtime for a group of enthusiastic, unassuming, breakbeat-loving teenagers hyped on sugary donuts and a crate of Mega Monster. Most of the time, the results are unashamedly, energetically amateur: on Mayday they yell excitedly over soulful brass riffs, while lead single Semicircle Song features xylophones, awkwardly tuned trombones, plus a roll call of vocal guests (offering, should you need them, their horoscope signs).

Getting Back Up is even more rough-hewn, and The Answer’s No – Now What’s The Question? sounds like it was recorded for Sarah Records in the 80s. In fact, much of this album flaunts the same naïve, artless sincerity that would have delighted John Peel. If such wilful immaturity is to your taste, get ‘Go!-ing’.