The Psychedelic Furs - Back catalogue reissues

Hugely indebted to Bowie, right down to the timbre of singer Richard Butler’s gravelly drawl, and capable of conjuring up seductive and infectious melodies, The Psychedelic Furs were among the 80s’ most tuneful art-rock adventurers. They are reissuing their entire seven-album back catalogue on heavyweight vinyl in original sleeves, from 1980’s self-titled debut to 1991’s World Outside. It’s a smart, robust and charming body of work, with serrated choruses as sharp as the elegantly wasted Butler’s cheekbones, but the band’s high-water marks remain the two mid-80s albums, Mirror Moves and Midnight To Midnight, that spawned The Ghost In You, Heaven and Molly Ringwald’s fave, Pretty In Pink.

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