Kid Creole & The Coconuts’ Live In Paris 1985 is due to be released 1 March via Rainman Records.

Kid Creole & The Coconuts live album set for release

Renowned dance/funk/Latin/pop/disco group Kid Creole & The Coconuts, fronted by the multi-talented August Darnell, will release their first ever official live album on 1 March. Captured at the peak of their music prowess, Live In Paris 1985 celebrates the genre-defying group’s raucous best. The 14 tracks (recorded in September 1985 at Le Zenith) cover the complete range of their first five studio albums and showcase the high-octane performance the band is famous for.

Frontman Darnell says he’s really excited about how the album has turned out. “I am astonished by how confident we all were. The musicians were all at the top of their game. I was fortunate to have gathered such an ensemble. When I listen to this concert, I am reminded of how much time we spent rehearsing in Manhattan before each tour. Time well spent. And the humour in the show – that is what really stands out for me. We did not take ourselves seriously, but at the same time we’re laying down some serious grooves and serious lyrics and very serious musical arrangements.”

Now based in Maui, Kid Creole continues to perform around the world.

Live In Paris track list:
1. Don’t Take My Coconuts
2. My Male Curiosity
3. Table Manners
4. Mr. Softie
5. Annie, I’m Not Your Daddy
6. I’m A Wonderful Thing, Baby
7. No Fish Today
8. Dear Addy
9. Stool Pigeon
10. Say Hey
11. The Lifeboat Party
12. Endicott
13. Indiscreet
14. Caroline Was A Dropout

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