Lloyd Cole’s new single The Over Under is taken from Lloyd’s sensational new album Guesswork, which was released in July…

After the release of Guesswork in late July, Lloyd Cole approached respected contemporary artists, John Wood and Paul Harrison, to consider making a music video for one of his latest songs: “I was very nervous when I approached John and Paul, suggesting they might enjoy the song and maybe they might make a music video. I was thrilled that they accepted, and I’m ecstatic with the result.”

“It is simply perfect. If I have a regret, it’s that I wasn’t involved with our videos in the 80’s and 90’s. I’m truly blessed that great visual artists are happy to work with me. Now, how can I persuade Neil Tennant to be in one with me for Moments and Whatnot?”

Wood and Harrison have been in partnership since 1993, and together have produced single-channel videos, multi-screen video installations, prints, drawings, and sculptures that elegantly fuse aesthetic research with existential comedy.

The Over Under, a sublime slice of 21st century synth-pop, sees Lloyd tackle middle aged angst with his customary wit and style, pairing perfectly with Wood and Harrison’s work.



Lloyd Cole will tour the UK and Ireland in October. Former Commotion member Neil Clark will accompany him. Click here for tour dates and tickets.


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