The album is set to cover Sananda Maitreya’s stunning 30 year career in music, boasting songs like Sign Your Name, Delicate, She Kissed Me, O Divina, and Holding On To You. 

Sananda Maitreya New AlbumSananda Maitreya has released his brand-new live album Fallen Angel Tour 2019 – Live From The Ruins!: the first live album to comprehensively cover his stunning 30 year career in music.

The album was recorded across his 2019 spring and summer tours at incredible venues scattered across Italy, including Musicultura in Macerata, the Notte delle Luci in Vicenza,  Estate Sforzesca in Milan, and other concerts at Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, at the Teatro Celebrazioni in Bologna and at Villa Figoli in Arenzano.

Fallen Angel Tour 2019 – Live From The Ruins! contains 23 tracks in which Sananda displays his musical versatility and virtuosity. He is accompanied by The Sugar Plum Pharaohs, his rock band who is composed of five elements: Luca Pedroni on guitar, Francesca Morandi on bass, Marco Mengoni on drums and backing vocals, Luca Fraula on keyboards and Beatrice Baldaccini on backing vocals.

The live album also contains 3 songs performed with the Orchestra Ritmico Sinfonica Italiana conducted by Maestro Diego Basso: It’s Been A Long Time with Luisa Corna; O Divina and This Town.

This is the first live album that covers the entire musical excursion of Sananda Maitreya, who is celebrating 30 years of music from his extraordinary life, performing his legendary songs that have entered the hearts of the fans and that led him to international success.

Sananda, the artist, composer and multi-instrumentalist producer first known as Terence Trent D’Arby in the 1980s and 1990s, created a pantheon of hits that made musical history and touched the heart: Sign Your Name, Delicate, She Kissed Me, Holding On To You, are all reinterpreted  in this new live album.

The album also contains a selection of songs taken from across his repertoire: starting with Prometheus & Pandora.

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