In Classic Pop Issue 63, we speak to Bob Geldof and Pete Briquette about The Boomtown Rats’ comeback as they return with their first studio album in 36 years.

Issue 63

Elsewhere, we celebrate the 30th anniversary of one of the most influential live shows of all time – Madonna’s Blond Ambition Tour – and we interview The Fizz about their new LP, Smoke & Mirrors.

We also serve up an entertaining chat with Michael Bolton and hear from Tears For Fears’ Roland Orzabal about the band’s new material.

The Cure’s dark masterpiece Disintegration is our classic album and we reveal some unseen photos of art-pop icons Japan.

We meet former Bananarama member Jacquie O’Sullivan for an exclusive about her unexpected return to the pop fray and hear from Cutting Crew’s Nick Van Eede about his band’s new orchestral overhaul.

Roachford gives us the lowdown on his soulful new record and we take an album-by-album look at the work of Nik Kershaw.

In our reviews section, we have new releases including Depeche Mode, Billy Ocean, Richard Marx, Fassine and The Orb, while our packed reissues section features The Human League, Donna Summer, Prince, Bros, ABBA and much more.


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