MVT are following up on their Grassroots Music Venues Crisis fund, established in March, with a new campaign called Save Our Venues.

Music Venue Trust have launched a new campaign called Save Our Venues,  in an effort to protect UK music venues from collapsing under the threat of the coronavirus pandemic lockdown measures.

MVT established the Grassroots Music Venues Crisis fund last month, which has now been renamed the #SaveOurVenues fund and has received around £200,000 of donations that will help to support hundreds of grassroots venues across the country.

Komedia Bath, who have a sister venue in Brighton, are part of the scheme, stating: “We know how much our venue means to the community it serves. Your donations will be used to pay those we need to to ensure that when we re-open we are ready to go and that we’ve done everything we can to secure not just our future but the future of those our venue depends on to deliver the outstanding level of entertainment that it does.”

The campaign aims to stretch further afield as more donations flood in, helping artists, fans and the wider music industry to bolster support for local venues.

MVT estimate that around 556 venues are in danger as a result of the pandemic and, like Komedia, they’ll have their own crowd funding pages to raise money. Any excess money will be used to support the community in a wider sense, as stated above.

Find out if your local music venue needs your support here.