Devoted fans show us their collections and pop memorabilia

Q: When did you become a Superfan of Gary Numan and why do you like him?
A: I became a superfan in around 1993 when Gary was on a creative low. I bought a cheap CD compilation called Electric Dreams which included Cars and Are ‘Friends’ Electric? I was unaware of his work before that because he wasn’t that big in the German charts. I was very impressed by his use of analogue synths and that unique voice. As a fan of dystopian novels, I was amazed by Gary’s mysterious lyrics and ever-changing album cover images from 1979 to 1984 that seemed to come straight from sci-fi movies. This was quite unusual. I was still in school and everybody y was listening to Eurodisco, techno or grunge.

Q: What items do you have in your collection?
A: I’ve got everything from records and CDs to posters and clippings from vintage magazines, T-shirts, tour programmes and a 1980 Teletour scarf.

Q: How much have you spent on your collection?
A: I couldn’t begin to guess, but it must be several thousand euros.


Q: Have you ever met Gary or his band?
A: Yes, several times. I was lucky enough to be asked to do a telephone interview with Gary while working for a synth-pop fanzine in the 90s. Since then, I’ve often met Gary and his band prior to his concerts at meet-and-greets.

Q: Do you have a favourite item in your collection?
A: I adore the 1980 tour scarf and the poster of a Japanese fashion advert that he did in the early 80s, which he signed for me.

Q: If you could ask Gary one question, what would it be? 
A: Being an atheist like Gary, I would ask him if he might sign an issue of the Bible for me next time (just kidding!).