The first in a new series of Classic Pop-friendly podcast profiles – we meet The D Side

D Side

What’s your podcast about? 
We look at how music affects you – it’s about starting a conversation from these various points. There are interviews with fans, authors, music journalists and artists. There are also my solo episodes where I analyse a specific album. Recently, we did Duran Duran’s Seven And The Ragged Tiger.

How did you get into podcasting?
I’ve run the Duran Duran fan Twitter account @BoysMakeNoise for a number of years. There, it’s all about the music, the collectables, the fan experience. I’m more of a talker than a writer, so I thought a podcast would suit me more. After preparing ideas and learning the technology, the podcast launched in January 2019. The D Side definitely has a strong Duran connection but it was always meant to go beyond just one band.

Who’s your dream guest and what would you ask them if you had the chance?
Nick Rhodes – I’d love to talk to him about some very specific moments in Duran Duran’s music. I’d also want to go deeper with some grand concepts on life and how music helps you move through it. I’d like to talk to Bananarama’s Sara Dallin, too. She absolutely embodies a level of professionalism combined with a joy of life that I genuinely aspire to.

What makes your show different to the competition?
I actually don’t see other podcasts as competition. I see us all on the same side of sharing ideas about music and life. We all tend to support each other. The D Side is a little different, though, because my main goal is interaction

Where can we find it?
The D Side has its own site at It’s also available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, iHeartRadio and