Sananda Maitreya

Last week, the Artist Formerly Known As Terence Trent D’Arby, Sananda Maitreya, released his 12th studio album, Pandora’s PlayHouse, and now the singer has shared his latest video from the record, Pie.

Interpreting the singer’s music in visual form has been a dream project for director Manuel Scrima: “I’m a big fan of Sananda since he started his career,” he says. “It’s a dream come true to finally being able to direct one of his videos. Sananda’s message is very strong and as he has proven with his own life and path, you just need to believe and keep fighting for your dreams and be who you are and you’ll have your Pie In the Sky!”

In the latest issue of Classic Pop, we’ve given Pandora’s PlayHouse four stars, writing: “What a playful, chameleonic, chimeric talent Sananda Maitreya is… Time to get reacquainted.”

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