Former Wang Chung vocalist Jack Hues has unveiled his new single We Gotta Work Together from his forthcoming second solo album. 

“I started to write about what was there in front of me, rather than what was in my head,” says Hues, about writing this new album in the year of the pandemic. “And what was there in front of me? Deserted streets, quiet gardens, birdsong, no traffic, no aeroplanes, COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, Brexit, Trump, queues of ambulances outside hospitals, stupefying numbers of dead and dying. In response to the BLM protests here and in the US, I began to write a song, and quite early on in the process I sent it to Baby N’Sola (who has previously worked with Paloma Faith). I needed her input, and she sang brilliantly on it. The song she sang on became We Gotta Work Together, consciously evoking the spirit of Civil Rights in America in the 1970s and questioning the divisive presentation in the media of this latest stage in the struggle. The legendary producer Chris Hughes, with whom I had worked with in Wang Chung did the single-edit for me.”

For the video for We Gotta Work Together Hues turned to Joel Magill, with whom he produced the new album, who suggested they talk with his brother Liam about ideas. Jack says: “We wanted a lyric video. The lyrics essentially document events from 2020 – the pandemic, the #BLM riots and other protests around the world. Liam had coincidentally been working on a sort of three-dimensional newspaper with moving images. He pulled his idea together with some powerful images from that extraordinary year, the history that we all lived through.”

For more information, visit Jack Hues’ website here.