Sony are celebrating the 30th anniversary of Primal Scream’s classic album Screamadelica with three special releases.

The Screamadelica 12” Singles Box (out September 17th) features nine replicas of the singles from the original campaign, all pressed on 180-gram heavyweight vinyl. It’s completed by a tenth disc, which consists of a previously unheard remix (and accompanying instrumental) of Shine Like Stars by the album’s late producer Andrew Weatherall. The box also features three art prints by the album’s cover artist Paul Cannell and a download code.

The Screamadelica double-vinyl picture disc, meanwhile (out 17th September), features the album’s iconic artwork pressed onto vinyl. This represents the first ever official Screamadelica picture disc.

There’s also a new, previously unreleased collection, Demodelica (out 15th October), which promises to provide a new insight into the album’s creation, with a variety of early demos and work-in-progress mixes. It will be released on digital, double-vinyl, CD and C90 cassette formats. The package will be completed with new liner notes by rock writer Jon Savage.

In other Primal Scream news, the band will return to the festival circuit this summer. They’re set to headline Standon Calling (July 25th) before playing TRNSMT (September 11th) and headlining the Big Top stage at the Isle of Wight Festival (September 16th – 19th). Plans are also taking shape for 2022, with the Bingley Weekender, the Low Festival, and two nights at Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Bandstand and Amphitheatre already confirmed.





Side A

  • ‘Movin’ on Up’
  • ‘Slip Inside This House’
  • ‘Don’t Fight It, Feel It’


Side B

  • ‘Higher Than the Sun’
  • ‘Inner Flight’
  • ‘Come Together’


LP 2

Side A

  • ‘Loaded’
  • ‘Damaged’
  • ‘I’m Comin’ Down’


Side B

  • ‘Higher Than the Sun (A Dub Symphony in Two Parts)’
  • ‘Shine Like Stars’




Disc 1: ‘Loaded’ EP

  • ‘Loaded’
  • ‘I’m Losing More Than I’ll Ever Have’ / ‘Ramblin’ Rose’ (Live In NYC)


Disc 2: ‘Loaded’ EP

  • ‘Loaded’ (Terry Farley Remix)
  • ‘I’m Losing More Than I’ll Ever Have’ / ‘Ramblin’ Rose’ (Live In NYC)


Disc 3: ‘Come Together’

  • ‘Come Together’ (Terry Farley Extended Mix)
  • ‘Come Together’ (Andy Weatherall Extended Mix)


Disc 4: ‘Come Together’

  • ‘Come Together’ (The Hypno Tone Brain Machine Mix)
  • ‘Come Together’ (BBG Mix)


Disc 5: ‘Higher Than The Sun’

  • ‘Higher Than The Sun’ (12” Mix)
  • ‘Higher Than The Sun’ (American Spring Mix)


Disc 6: ‘Higher Than The Sun’

  • ‘Higher Than The Sun (A Dub Symphony In Two Parts)’
  • ‘Higher Than The Orb’


Disc 7: ‘Don’t Fight It, Feel It’

  • ‘Don’t Fight It, Feel It’ (12” Version)
  • ‘Don’t Fight It, Feel It’ (Scat Mix)


Disc 8: ‘Don’t Fight It, Feel It’

  • ‘Don’t Fight It, Feel It’ (Graham Massey Mix)
  • ‘Don’t Fight It, Feel It’ (Instrumental)


Disc 9: ‘Dixie Narco’ EP

  • ‘Movin’ On Up’ / ‘Stone My Soul’
  • ‘Carry Me Home’ / ‘Screamadelica’


Disc 10: ‘Shine Like Stars’

  • ‘Shine Like Stars’ (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
  • ‘Shine Like Stars’ (Instrumental)





Side A

  • ‘Come Together’ (Jam Studio Monitor Mix)
  • ‘Damaged’ (Hackney Studio Demo)
  • ‘Movin’ On Up’ (Hackney Studio Demo)


Side B

  • ‘Higher Than The Sun’ (Isle Of Dogs Home Studio)
  • ‘Higher Than The Sun’ (Jam Studio Monitor Mix)
  • ‘I’m Comin’ Down’ (Isle Of Dogs Home Studio)
  • ‘I’m Comin’ Down’ (Jam Studio Monitor Mix)



Side C

  • ‘Don’t Fight It, Feel It’ (Isle Of Dogs Home Studio)
  • ‘Don’t Fight It, Feel It’ (Isle Of Dogs Hypnotone Mix)
  • ‘Don’t Fight It, Feel It’ (EMI Publishing Studio Mix)
  • ‘Inner Flight’ (Hackney Studio Vocal Melody)
  • ‘Inner Flight’ (Henry A Cappella Jam Studio)
  • ‘Inner Flight’ (Jam Studio Monitor Mix)


Side D

  • ‘Shine Like Stars’ (Jam Studio Monitor Mix)
  • ‘Shine Like Stars’ (Eden Studio Demo)
  • ‘Screamadelica’ (Eden Studio Demo)

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