To celebrate the 30-year anniversary of Shakespears Sister’s seminal album Hormonally Yours, London Records have announced a special edition release across multiple formats. 

A double platinum and Top 3 UK album Hormonally Yours secured Siobhan Fahey and Marcella Detroit a place in British pop history, spawning the single Stay – which spent a staggering eight consecutive weeks at the top of the UK charts – and winning the duo an Ivor Novello Award for Outstanding Contemporary Song Collection.  

The anniversary CD format will include a DVD featuring all videos from the album shot by producer Sophie Muller plus live recordings of album tracks from the bands 2019 tour. In addition previously unseen footage shot during the making of the album is included.  

Vinyl is available in two limited edition formats – standard white vinyl and a deluxe version in splattered vinyl.  A special sequinned bag edition gives as a nod to the sequinned catsuits Shakespears Sister’s signature look around the album’s release.  

The album will be released on 19 August and can be pre-ordered here

Initially conceived as an alternative soundtrack to the 3-D sci-fi B-movie, 1953’s Cat-Women Of The Moon, Hormonally Yours stuck to the space age concept despite the soundtrack idea being shelved. As Marcella explains, the women in the film were their inspiration: “They were bold, they were daring, unapologetic about who they were.”

“We were diametrically opposed to fluffy little girls singing perfect little pop songs” she continues. “Siobhan’s idea was to be different, to be dramatic, to express yourself.” 

Both members brought their own musician touchstones to the table. Fahey’s included The Smiths, glam, punk and Roxy Music whilst Detroit’s drew from blues and rock, with both women sharing a love of soul and Motown.  “Together,” says Marcella, “we managed to mash all those desires and enthusiasms to come up with something unusual and memorable.” 

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