The second volume of Classic Pop Presents Kylie is here! In Volume 2, we revisit a remarkable artist who has had hits across five consecutive decades, including her recent viral rebirth.

Inside the issue, we have exclusive interviews with the team behind new album Tension, including the producer of viral new single ‘Padam Padam’. On top of that, we revisit and review all of the albums not included in the first volume, explore her many pivotal songs and the stories behind them, plus deliver our Top 40 Kylie collaborations.

Elsewhere, we discuss Kylie’s enduring relationship with gay culture, give an oral history of club anthem ‘Your Disco Needs You’, and explore the liberation of her ‘SexKylie’ and experimental Deconstruction eras – plus much more in this new issue.

Order yours today and choose between two stunning and unique covers – or why not get both for your collection!