Jim Kerr wins radio award in New York

Simple Minds frontman Jim Kerr wins prestigious radio award for BBC documentary

The New York Festivals International Radio Awards has presented Jim Kerr On Jim Morrison the Gold Medal for Best Documentary.

The programme, written and presented by the Simple Minds frontman, explores the enduring legacy of Jim Morrison.

Inspired since his childhood, this is the singer’s first outing as a documentary maker and was produced by Lonesome Pine Productions.

Compelling Story

Kerr said: “We’re really touched by the recognition. I have to say, every great story, every great documentary relies on a compelling subject matter and in the history of rock surely there can be no more compelling subject matter than the music and poetry of Jim Morrison and The Doors.”

You can watch Jim Kerr’s thank you speech here

In the show Jim travels to Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris where Morrison is buried. From the very first time he heard The Doors’ Riders On The Storm on his father’s car radio as an 11-year-old, Kerr has been fascinated with all aspects of Morrison’s lyrics and The Doors’ music. Throughout the singer reflects on how the iconic poet and singer has influenced both his life and career.

You can listen to the full documentary on BBC Sounds here

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