Cocteau Twins Fraser
Photo by Ben Part

Former Cocteau Twins vocalist Elizabeth Fraser has unveiled her first new music in 13 years.

The new track, Golden Air, comes via the Sun’s Signature project with partner Damon Reece. The pair’s self-titled five-song EP arrives on 18 June via Partisan Records with a digital release to follow in July.

The first germs of the ideas date back as far as Cocteau Twins’ split in 1997 and embryonic versions of the songs were first debuted at the ANOHNI-curated Meltdown Festival back in 2012. Fraser, who at that point had not performed live for several years admitted she was “Shitting kittens at the prospect of making an audience [of close to 6,000 people] sit through 10 songs they had never heard before.” 

“Detail – very high on detail,” is the way Reece describes the process behind the Sun’s Signature project development. He cites Bernard Herrmann and John Barry’s soundtrack work as part inspiration behind “the constant re-editing and re-recording of component parts” deployed to advance the material.

Listen to the song below.