Gary Numan's daughter Raven
Image © Lily Cobbold

Raven Numan releases gothic video for debut single My Reflection

Gary Numan’s daughter, Raven Numan, has unveiled the video for her brooding debut single, My Reflection.

A beguiling statement-of-intent, the song achieves a haunting melancholia that mixes modern dark-pop with 80s goth.

Her voice is both sultry and elegant, yet with an emotionally detached air that complements the song’s take on the horrors of body dysmorphia. It’s the result of her ongoing creative collaboration with Ade Fenton.

Watch the video below:

Unrealistic beauty standards

Raven says: “My Reflection is about the unrealistic beauty standards that have been pushed on us since adolescence. We’ve been fed lies about beauty from a young age through countless mediums: lingerie models, makeup commercials, even cartoons employ beauty standards.

“They try to tell you that these products, this makeup, or our underwear will make you look and feel amazing but that’s not the case. They feed your insecurities and then try to sell you something to make it all better.

“It breeds self-hatred and insecurity, and both myself and the overwhelming majority of women I know suffer from the unrealistic beauty standards of today.”

Like father like daughter

Such black-hearted music runs in Raven’s blood as her father is synth-pop pioneer Gary Numan.

While he provides an inspiring figure in Raven’s life, she’s very much her own artist. Empowered pop figures such as Beyoncé, Ariana Grande and Katy Perry, her style has been further informed by artists such as Nine Inch Nails, Mazzy Star, Lana Del Rey and Deftones.

Listen to Raven here

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