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Inevitable Incredible is the new album from Stereophonics singer Kelly Jones

Kelly Jones has announced details of his brand-new studio album Inevitable Incredible.

The beautifully sparse and emotive first song Inevitable Incredible is out now and marks a bold stylistic shift for Jones.

Setting the scene for the accompanying album, his voice is instantly recognisable yet on this album, Kelly shows a tenderness and vulnerability highlighting a breadth and depth vocally that is sometimes overshadowed by his familiar rock anthems of Stereophonics.

Widescreen Soundscapes

The piano-led, cinematic and widescreen soundscapes are something new and bold for Jones. It’s a song that shows a songwriter pushing himself out of his comfort zone and with a vulnerability not often associated with a major artist a quarter of a century into such a hugely successful and storied career.

Listen to the eponymous title track below:

Inevitable Incredible sees Kelly writing primarily on the piano for the first time between October and December of 2022.

After three months of wrestling haunting melodies from his piano and writing emotional, soul searching and always brutally honest lyrics into his notebook, Kelly found himself with an album’s worth of material.

Engrossing Journey

Recorded at Ocean Sound studio in Norway, the eight songs take the listener on an engrossing journey that gives an intimate insight into an artist who is not content to rest on his laurels.

Jones says: “The remote surroundings of the island studio allowed the songs to come to life and breathe, no distractions, it was such a new experience. There were no expectations for how the songs should sound. Just let the emotion and vulnerability I put into writing those songs come to life.

“The weather could change in a minute and there was little to no contact with the outside world. All this influenced how the songs came to be. It was a truly cathartic experience. I feel like I left it all out there on these songs.”

cover art for Kelly Jones new album Inevitable Incredible


1. Inevitable Incredible
2. Turn Bad Into Good
3. Time’s Running Away
4. Echowrecked
5. Sometimes You Fly Like The Wind
6. Monsters In The House
7. May I Come Home From My War
8. The Beast Will Be What The Beast Will Be

Inevitable Incredible is available from 3 May via Stylus Records through Ignition Records. Available on heavyweight LP, CD and digital formats, you can pre-order here

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