Siouxsie And The Banshees are to reissue their final four albums on October 27, each featuring bonus tracks.

Available on download or digipack CDs, the albums span the period when the band began achieving mainstream success in the US.

Covers album Through The Looking Glass from 1987 adds remixes of its singles This Wheel’s On Fire and The Passenger, plus standalone single Song From The Edge Of The World and a previously unheard cover of The Modern Lovers’ She Cracked.

Multi-instrumentalist Martin McCarrick joined by 1988’s Peepshow, the Banshees’ first as a five-piece. The bonus tracks are remixes of its singles Peek-A-Boo and The Last Beat Of My Heart, a remix by Espiritu of El Dia De Las Muertos and a live version of The Last Beat Of My Heart recorded at Lollapalooza festival.

Tenth album Superstition from 1991 was produced by Pet Shop Boys/Erasure cohort Stephen Hague. Its bonus tracks are Face To Face, the Banshees’ contribution to the Batman Returns soundtrack, and two remixes of Kiss Them For Me.

Produced by John Cale, the bonus tracks on 1995’s final album The Rapture are a remix of O Baby, the previously unavailable full-length version of New Skin which was made for the Showgirls soundtrack and an unheard song called FGM.