Bass legend Jah Wobble has said he intends making a pop album following the release of his new box-set.

Released this week, Redux compiles Wobble’s material into six discs themed around genres such as jazz, world and dub. But the former Public Image Ltd bassist told Classic Pop he may make a more pop-sounding album as his next release.

Wobble, who reviews the singles in the new issue of Classic Pop on sale now, said: “There’s a new song called Merry Go Round on the box-set that’s a good simple pop song and makes me think I might like to do something like that for my next album.

“I’ve been off into outer space for long enough now and it might be nice to see if I can take that into something more pop-based. Merry Go Round is a little bit like the good British pop from the ‘70s mixed with the psychedelic music I grew up listening to like The Mamas And The Papas, and something like that could work.”

But Wobble admitted that, whatever he creates, he won’t be affected by what people think of his music.
He said: “If people don’t like my music by now, there’s nothing I can do about it. It’s like people saying they don’t like your nose. ‘Tough, it’s my fucking nose. This is me.’ I’m quite comfortable with how I make my music by now. And my nose. I don’t have a problem if you don’t like it, but I can’t change it.”

Such an attitude helps makes Wobble’s music more carefree according to the musician, who added: “When you get to my age, you don’t have any fears. You make music with a good heart and you really don’t give a fuck.”