Classic Pop are proud to be able to bring you the latest track from Dr.Robert entitled ‘A Bottomless Pit’

Listen to the new track here

The Blow Monkeys’ frontman, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist is set to release his tenth solo album ‘Out There’ on 2nd May.

Recorded at home on his ancient 8-track Tascam tape machine, the album is a home-cooked, heartfelt affair.

Here is the full track listening form his forthcoming album:


1.   The Mirrored Lake

2.   The Architects

3.   A Bottomless Pit

4.   All The Way Back Home


5.   Lost in Rasa

6.   Don’t Throw Our Love Away

7.   Rack And Ruin

8.   I Ain’t Running Anymore


9.   Here I Lie

10. Still I Turn To You

11. The Gold Standard

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