Simon Le Bon enters the pod with brand new series WHOOOSH!

While the world waits for the next Duran Duran album (frustratingly, there’s still no word on when it will be out), there is, at least, a new podcast for Duranies to gorge on.

The dramatically-titled WHOOOSH! sees frontman Simon Le Bon reflect on some of his favourite records as well as enthuse about some of the newer music he’s recently discovered.

Talking about why he decided to take a dive into the podcasting world, Le Bon explained, “One morning, earlier this year, I switched over from BBC Radio 6 Music to Radio 4, and my daughter Tallulah yelled out from across the room, ‘Call yourself a musician? – you don’t even listen to music anymore!’

“Correct, I thought. After 40 years of working with Duran Duran, I only ever seemed to have time for music that I was working on or the old classics that got me into a band in the first place. And there, in the early days of lockdown, the concept for WHOOOSH! was born in my lazy-arsed imagination.

“Music of any genre, new and old, from anywhere on the globe. Different sounds to rub up against and to complement each other. The only criteria being that I have to like it. WHOOOSH! – it’s the sound your mind makes when it expands to make space for a new idea.”

The series, which Le Bon presents alongside long-time Duran Duran associate Katy Krassner, is exclusive to Spotify and sits within the streamer’s playlists, meaning that all of the records talked about, from oldies like Syd Barrett and The Sugarhill Gang to newer artists like Parsnip and Thumper, can be played in full.

Episodes of WHOOOSH! drop every Friday on Spotify and you can find the full archive here.