Matt Goss – Somewhere To Fall
Matt Goss – Somewhere To Fall

Matt Goss has shared the video to his latest song, Somewhere To Fall

The release comes ahead of the Bros singer’s fifth solo album, The Beautiful Unknown, which arrives 19 November.

“With Somewhere To Fall, I wanted to write an intelligent pop song, and I’ve disguised quite a heavy lyric within a joyous pop song,” Goss explained of his new single, adding that it’s “about finding a safe place to rest our strength”.

“That might be with a partner, in your home, a park bench, I don’t know where it is. But it’s somewhere for you,” he added.

The title of the album, The Beautiful Unknown, came from a phrase that came to Goss while writing poetry. Explaining the title, he says: “We have been conditioned to fear tomorrow, to fear next week, to be fearful of next year certainly. Because there is this unknown energy around all of us – no time more than now. And I’ve been through the ringer during COVID, betrayed by some people, uplifted by others. 

“So The Beautiful Unknown is a request to people to come along with this philosophy that tomorrow is going to be a good day and a good place.”

The album, which was recorded in Los Angeles and Nashville, is available for pre-order now.