In the latest Classic Pop, we have a world exclusive interview with Soft Cell as they announce new studio album *Happiness Not Included – their first for 17 years – as well as a UK tour.

Issue 71

This issue, we also talk to Toyah who is back with a career-best LP, the brilliant Posh Pop.

We also chat to the brilliant Shaun Ryder about his new solo record, Visits From Future Technology, and Blondie reveal all about their historic trip to Cuba for a set of live shows.

We catch up with Tony Hadley and Arthur Baker for Q&A chats and The Blue Nile’s graceful A Walk Across The Rooftops is this issue’s Classic Album

Goldfrapp’s back catalogue goes under the microscope for our Album By Album feature and we also count down the 20 best singles by 80s actors.

David Arnold’s Bond project Shaken And Stirred is revisited for our regular Forget Me Nots feature and Saint Etienne give us the inside track on their change of direction for high concept new album I’ve Been Trying To Tell You.

In our expanded reviews section we have new releases including The Specials, Prince, Diana Ross and Natalie Imbruglia while our bumper reissues coverage features Depeche Mode, Aztec Camera, Belinda Carlisle, OMD, Sheena Easton, Tina Turner and much more.

Steve Harnell
Editor, Classic Pop

Issue 71

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