We’ve had lots of great feedback on this issue’s extensive interview with Stephen Duffy.  We even received an email from Roger Freeman, Duffy’s partner-in-crime as Dr Calculus mdma.

Dr Calculus

“The KLF got all their ideas for the Chill Out album from our album, Designer Beatnik as Dr Calculus mdma,” Roger reckons.  And he could be on to something.  The KLF’s continuous mix of ‘strings, things and new technology’ was released in 1990 but, in hindsight, bears an uncanny musical resemblance – in style, structure and ‘substance’ – to Calculus’ Programme 7 single and Designer Beatnik album, which appeared in 1986.

“They even stole the floppy-eared Elma Fudd trapper hat and dark glasses look,” he says.  “Justice should be done and this ought to be pointed out to the world!”