The iconic Debbie Harry leads the way in our latest issue as she joins bandmates Chris Stein and Clem Burke to reveal all about Blondie’s much-anticipated imperial phase boxset, Against The Odds.

Elsewhere, Bryan Ferry writes for Classic Pop to­ give us his personal track-by-track insight into Roxy Music’s career-spanning Best Of compilation.

We also have a must-read exclusive interview with the returning William Orbit – back after eight years away armed with new album The Painter as well as tales of Madonna, Blur and All Saints – plus we meet The Proclaimers and Paul Heaton who take us inside their feisty new studio LPs.

Depeche Mode’s Music For The Masses is our Classic Album, we catch up with Ricky Ross who chats about his stripped-back solo record Short Stories Vol.2 and we highlight an underrated gem in the It Bites canon, Once Around The World. We also set sail with a guide to Yacht Rock and count down our Top 20 Giorgio Moroder songs.

Our comprehensive reviews section features new albums from Erasure, Robbie Williams, Suede, Blancmange and The House Of Love, while our expanded reissues section includes Blondie, Duran Duran, Ultravox, Shakespears Sister, The Communards and David Sylvian.

Steve Harnell
Editor, Classic Pop

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