Pet Shop Boys will follow up the release of their new album, Elysium (due out on 10 September), with a new single.  Leaving comes out on 14 October (download) and 15 October (physical). 

Elysium is Pet Shop Boys’ most ambitiously intelligent album in almost two decades” – Mojo

Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe travelled to Los Angeles to record Elysium earlier this year – the first time a Pet Shop Boys album has been recorded in the US. The record was co-produced with US producer Andrew Dawson, who’s received three Grammy awards for his work on Kanye West’s albums.

The first single off the album, Leaving, will be released in a variety of formats, including download, CD and 12″ vinyl, with the physical version featuring two different covers, one featuring Neil Tennant and the other Chris Lowe. Elysium will be available in the same formats, with a limited-edition double CD including a bonus disc that contains an instrumental mix of the album. Elysium has also been specially mastered for the iTunes version.