Could Daniel Woolhouse have perfected the formula? Wyndham Wallace sits back and reviews his third album What’s That Sound?

Daniel Woolhouse[Bella Union]


Softly spoken, quietly reclusive, Daniel Woolhouse used to hide behind the ill-considered pseudonym Deptford Goth. Perhaps because he no longer lives in Deptford, and no doubt because his music is anything but gothic, he’s outed himself for his third album.

His family will be proud: there are moments of sublime songwriting here, and these tracks regularly throw an effortless curveball just when you think you’ve got to grips with them. Map Of The Moon starts out like Spandau Ballet before shifting into Bon Iver territory; there are hints of King Krule in the early parts of Crazy Water before it blossoms into a devotional hymn; and the title track recalls Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start the Fire, then delivers a chorus of eccentric but nevertheless unforgettable joy. Pleased to meet you at last, Mr Woolhouse.