Wyndham Wallace reviews the eponymous debut album from dream pop duo Parekh & Singh.


If it’s true some of the finest pop music is throwaway, then prepare for Parekh & Singh, whose debut is so insubstantial it could blow away in the wind.

This, however, is a compliment, and belies the fact its heart-on-the-sleeve songs are exquisitely crafted and as sweet and sticky as Bazooka Joe bubble gum.

Recent single I Love You Baby, I Love You Doll is, much like its Wes Anderson inspired video, as charming as Kings Of Convenience, while opener Ghost is a dreamy, autumnal classic that lingers long after its (comparatively lengthy) four minutes have dissolved.

By the time they’ve landed on Newbury Street, a loving ode to the legendary Boston road inspired by Parekh’s time studying at Berklee College, you’ll find it impossible to believe this enchanting duo are in fact from Kolkata.