The early-70s weren’t all Bowie, Roxy and Bolan. In fact, there’s a tendency to see the aforementioned trio as “good glam” or “high glam”, while their contemporaries, such as The Glitter Band, Suzi Quatro, Mud and Sweet, are regarded as low, base, crude purveyors of the form: bad glam. But actually there’s as much pleasure to be had from Sweet’s bovver boy beat as anything by the holy trinity.

Sensational Sweet is a 9CD boxset featuring a complete collection of the band’s music – which also had something of the metallic sheen of early Queen – from 1971 to 1978, including all of their original albums (with fully restored artwork), BBC sessions, live recordings, plus 30 previously unreleased tracks. And, of course, Blockbuster, The Ballroom Blitz, Hellraiser and all of Sweet’s stomping classics.