Jess Glynne sounds like fun. Check out the video for the Bee Gees-flavoured All I Am, which – contrived though it may be – finds her larking around backstage at festivals before blowing her remaining budget taking two BFFs to Rio for sightseeing and singalongs (to her own music, natch). This familiar atmosphere is evident from the start of her second album, with the gospel sounds of Intro collapsing into cheerful studio banter before the ebullient No One finds her conceding that: “You’re no one till you’re somebody to someone”, her voice building to a series of climactic whoops as she realises “I can’t do this on my own”.

She’s also in adamant mood on I’ll Be There for you; and over the percussive electro of Won’t Say No, declares that: “Everything I have, I give it up to you”, while 123 maintains the celebratory mood with hints of Paisley Park. But, just like any sassy 28-year-old, Glynne boasts attitude – amid the tropical party vibes of Rollin, she advises us: “Fuck your games/ This ain’t the way I’m rollin’” – and suffers heartache, with the old-school soul jam of Hate/Love offering an opportunity to dry her tears and start again. Down to earth she may be, but this is pretty much guaranteed to land her high in the charts.

Review: Jess Glynne - Always In Between

Written by Wyndham Wallace. Released on Atlantic.


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